ESCC & Virginia Space Sign Memorandum of Understanding

…and it’s a pretty big deal.

On Monday, January 23rd, the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority (Virginia Space) CEO and Executive Director Roosevelt “Ted” Mercer, Jr. and Eastern Shore Community College (ESCC) President Dr. Jim Shaeffer signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the Eastern Shore Community College. This MOU formally established an internship program for ESCC students.

This memorandum ceremony is a pretty big deal for both ESCC and Virginia Space. For young adults enrolled at the community college, it means greater opportunity for hands-on experience in many different fields, particularly aerospace engineering. With this being said, one might think that an internship at Virginia Space would involve aerospace engineering alone. On the contrary, internships can range from marketing to logistics to business management, and much more.

This memorandum also means greater job opportunities for ESCC students. Instead of outsourcing labor, Virginia Space will have the ability to employ educated, experienced young candidates, right from our own communities. Finally, opportunities beginning to come to us, instead of us having to uproot and go find opportunities elsewhere.

“It’s a true privilege to work with our ESCC student interns,” said Mr. Mercer in Monday press release, “Signing this MOU demonstrates our commitment to our continuing partnership with ESCC to foster valuable learning and employment opportunities that drive economic and educational development on the Eastern Shore.”

This is the first memorandum that Virginia Space has signed with an institution of higher learning, and hopefully, not the last. Hats off to Virginia Space for investing in our future!